Swedish coastguard says: Fourth leak discovered on Nord Stream pipelines

Sweden’s coastguard stated on Thursday it had found a fourth gas leak on the damaged Nord Stream pipelines earlier this week. This came after ruptures first reported on Monday sent gas spewing into the Baltic Sea.

The EU suspects sabotage was behind the leaks on the subsea Russian pipelines to Europe. It also promised a robust answer to any intentional disruption of its energy infrastructure.The leak reported on Thursday is the second one discovered in Swedish waters. Moreover, two others were discovered in Danish waters.

While neither pipeline was operating at the time of the suspected blasts. Since Monday, they were filled with gas that has been spewing out and bubbling to the surface of the Baltic Sea.

“There are two emission sites in Sweden’s exclusive economic zone, the bigger one above the Nord Stream 1 and a smaller one by Nord Stream 2,” the coastguard pointed. It also showcased the distance between the two sites measured about 1.8 km (1.1 miles).

One hole in each of the two pipeline sections in their exclusive economic zone, according to reports of Danish authorities.


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