Tamarod, Sami Anan Political Parties Rejected

The Supreme Electoral Commission rejected on Wednesday the establishment of Tamarod’s Arab Popular Movement political party and former Chief of Staff Sami Anan’s  Masr Al-Orouba political party.

The commission referred the two parties to the Supreme Administrative Court to decide on their legal status, reported state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram.

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said that the upcoming parliamentary elections will take place before the end of March 2015. The elections are the third pillar of the roadmap declared by the interim government following the ouster of the president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.

On 14 November, Minister of Transitional Justice Ibrahim El-Heneidi said the cabinet approved the draft of the preliminary electoral districts plan, which was completed by the Electoral Districts Committee.

The Egyptian Front coalition will join an electoral alliance formed by Mubarak-era minister and current economic consultant to the Egyptian Presidency Kamal El-Ganzouri. Another two coalitions associated with the Mubarak regime, also strong supporters of Al-Sisi’s government, are the Tayar El-Istiqlal (Independence Current) and the Ma’an Tahya Masr coalition.

Source: Daily News Egypt