TE Data: 25% Discount On Internet Services Prices

Egypt’s biggest internet service provider, TE Data has announced on Monday new offers with high-speed internet and lower the prices by 25%.

Eng. Ahmed Osama – TE Data’s Managing Director, Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer at Telecom Egypt – said TE Data is keen to celebrate with its clients all the social events, pointing out that it has provided a number of offers on the occasion of Mother’s day including 25% discounts on the monthly subscription to the various types of subscriptions and speeds with free routers.

Moreover, Osama has asserted that due to the high demand on Mother’s day offer, the company continues to provide the offer for a limited period so as to enable all its new and existing customers to enjoy TE Data’s Mother’s Day offer.

Furthermore, TE Data’s Managing Director said the current clients can benefit from the new offer obtaining internet speed  four times higher. The clients who subscribed to the unlimited speed of 512 Kbps can go for the Tal2a 2Mbps speed of which the capacity load worth 15 Gigabytes and pay only EGP 100.

Optimum 512 Kbps clients can go for the Tal2a with Mbps speed with capacity load of 15 Gigabytes, 40 Gigabytes respectively and pay for the same price.

3+1 offer which is pre-payment three months and get the fourth month for free so it will be available for all TE Data current subscribers clients to 1Mbps up to unlimited 16 Mbps and optimum from 4 Mbps to 16 Mbps.