TE Data-Egypt Organizes 2nd Employment Forum in March 9

TE Data the Internet Service Provider market leader company announced that the second formula for employment and recruitment organized to hold on the upcoming March9 in one of Egypt’s hotels in order to allow more job opportunities for youths motivate skills and abilities required for these jobs.

TE Data said in a statement today, it is keen on holding the second formula respectively, as it believes that the youths play an important role in Egypt’s future within the coming period, beside the importance of employing cadres in different fields that serve the development’s purposes, the telecommunication sector is at the top of these purposes.

The company explained that the formula’s key goal is to motivate and encourage youths for working and to build the abilities and skills.

Furthermore, the company is also keen on taking part in all the activities that aim employs and provide job opportunities including the ICT fairs which held in Egypt’s various universities and governorates over a few past years, stressing that these posts contributed enormously in appointing more than 2500 employees in the last five years.