TE Data:20% Internet Troubles Due To Damaged Cable

Egypt’s biggest internet service provider, TE Data has stated that one of its international undersea cables had undergone some technical damage, which affected the speed of online services nationwide.

Eng. Tamer Jadallah, managing director of TE Data, emphasized that TE Data has affected by internet troubles with 20% , explaining that all the affected areas have been collected and waiting the alternative movement which will be done by Telecom Egypt TE.

Moreover, he has asserted that TE Data has provided all its possibilities in order to overcome the calls of these holidays and to make the customers would not affected by these holidays, explaining that the completion to transfer the inactivated subscribers’ lines to other cables is being done in a few hours.

Telecom Egypt was announced in a statement Yesterday that two cables in maritime( EIG and TE North ) in the Mediterranean have been cut and this affair leads to the Internet Troubles so Telecom Egypt TE has made many alternative routes operations.