Telecom Egypt to Launch Submarine Cable Stretches From Sudan 2013-End

Telecom Egypt is aiming to launch new submarine cable stretches from Sudan to South Africa before the end of the current year.

Eng. Mohamed El-Dahshoury, the Director of Foreign relations of Telecom Egypt, said the future plan of TE is aiming to enter the internet and telecom services to the African countries.

He added on the sidelines of a meeting which organized by the Telecom Ministry with a number of African countries ambassadors that TE links with a number of African countries including Sudan, Djibouti, Madagascar and other countries throughout ‘Secom cable’, explaining that current speeds do  not correspond with the African trend towards the using of internet and telecom services.

The total income of TE from submarine cables  reached around EGP 860 million, expecting to jump EGP 1 billion by the end of this year.

Egypt acquires 18 submarine cable path, notably AIG and SICO SPA VMware and other

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