The presidential elections will be on late May

Amwal Al Ghad:

The chancellor Mohammed Attia, minister of PA and Shura council affairs and local development, announced that presidential elections will be on late May, as he grants the candidates three weeks to submit their documents starting from March 10th, and 45 days for their election campaigns.

The minister said the supreme committee for elections is authorized to fix presidential elections dates. He referred that the amendment of presidential election law includes declaring the results in every general committee instead of the central committee; for transparency and credibility.


On other hand, in a yesterday meeting headed by Mansour Hasan Advisory council discussed the timelines of the phase after start running for president and the consequent procedures.

Advisory council’s media spokesman Mohamed El-Kholy said the meeting discussed the necessity of rapid choosing the constituent assembly to draft constitution in parallel with presidential elections, and focused on drafting it before the state elected president takes power.

MB General Guide Mohamed Badie announced yesterday, after voting in Shura elections in Beni Suef, Egypt coming president should be consensual with all sectors. He denied that FJP has chosen a presidential candidate, and all should feel sure because Egypt has qualified characters that can bear the responsibility.

The presidential candidate Amr Moussa, in his round in Al-Fayoum, refused that Egypt’s president comes as a result of a transaction. He said if there is a candidate of any side, he is the people’s candidate; as he explained that the coming president’s mission is with government, parliament and other state’s organizations represent in reconstructing Egypt and responding to protesters’ demands. He assured on the necessity of transferring power to an elected president, warning of risks of disrupting the democratic transformation.

The senior commander Ahmed Shafiq announced his running for president yesterday.