Third draw on lands is delayed

The housing committee of the parliament has requested the delay of presenting lands in new cities until the allocation requirements are displayed on them for approval, according to Al Gomhuria.


The ministry of housing has prepared a set of requirements necessary for the allocation of lands presented by draw system which was ratified by the ministry.

Requirements required that the beneficiary of this land -his wife or children- can’t have had access to another land or obtained one of those housing units established by the ministry in new cities.


Requirements also included that the beneficiary shall pay 10% of the total amount of the land as down payment on applying, and pay the rest of the amount on four equal installments in four years. Construction must take place within five years and the beneficiary is prevented from selling buildings set on this land before 10 years of receipt time.


The ministry has prepared the procedures of presenting the third draw lands, including 10 thousand piece of land, in five new cities by the middle of March.


On another hand, applicants to the second draw lands, which ended 23rd February, reached 218 thousand citizens to compete on 9880 piece of land in six new cities: “6 October, New Damietta, El Sadat, New Sohag”.


6 of October city witnessed the largest demand where the applicants reached 80 thousand applying for 1880 piece of land. New Damietta comes next.

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