TikTok’s head of U.S. trust, safety to leave the company

TikTok Inc. announced on Tuesday that its head of U.S. trust and safety, Eric Han, is departing the company on May 12. Han’s departure will leave the company with no key executive while it fights the threat of a U.S. ban.

TikTok has already been banned from government-issued phones in various countries such as Canada and Australia due to fears of monitoring and surveillance from the Chinese government through the app.

The company is also facing call from U.S. lawmakers to ban the app across the country. TikTok has maintained that it has never shared any data with the Chinese government and would never do so.

Han has been at TikTok since 2019 and has worked on improving content moderation and reducing election misinformation. He ran the trust and safety for the company’s U.S. Data Security (USDS) division, which was created to store U.S. data on servers controlled by Oracle, to appease security concerns.

TikTok is currently preparing to hold a presentation for advertisers in New York on Thursday.

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