Russian delegation plants six trees in Cairo on Russia’s Victory Day

A Russian delegation from the Cultural Centre planted six trees in Cairo’s Orman Garden in the Dokki district on Sunday, to celebrate the 78th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory on Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

The delegation was headed by the Director of the Russian Cultural Centres in Egypt Marat Gatin and had planted these trees in coordination with the Orman Garden administration, which is affiliated to the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture.

The action took place with the participation of members of the Pobeba Association for volunteer work in Egypt, which is supervised by Daria Matsuk.

As well as students, teachers, and the director of the secondary school of the Russian Embassy in Egypt, Valerii Pribytkov, and members of the Youth Club at the Russian House in Cairo.

Gatin said that the planting of the trees revives the memory of the Russian victory and the 50 million people who were killed during the war.

He said about the number of the victims that it is “a terrifying and frightening number, out of which the share of the peoples of the Soviet Union alone was 27 million,”

He also talked about how crucial it is for young generations all over the world to be aware of the importance of peace and the horrors of war.

“It is also important to remember the ancestors who sacrificed their lives for us to live today in peace… The six trees will always remind us to be grateful for our ancestors,” he added

It was first inaugurated in the 16 republics of the Soviet Union right after the German Instrument of Surrender was signed in the late evening of 8 May 1945 (9 May Moscow Time).

Despite the fact that the official inauguration happened in 1945, the day became a holiday in 1965, and only in certain Soviet republics.

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