Trade ministry on talks over inking EU-Egypt Free Trade Agreement

Egyptian trade and industry ministry is currently on talks with the European Union over executing three agreements including the Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

Representative of Trade Agreement Sector (TAS) at the ministry, Amany Nassar stated that the current negotiations would deepen the agreements and led to advanced phases of integration and granting licences.

The official made these remarks during a forum held by Building Materials Chamber at Federation Of Egyptian Industries (FEI) on Wednesday.

During her speech on behalf of TAS Chairman Saied Abdallah, Nassar noted that the terms of the EU-Egypt partnership is set to be fully applied starting from January 1, 2019.

The agreement will allow partners to enjoy the removal of customs duties on bilateral trade between Egypt and European Union states including industrial and agricultural commodities.

Since the inking of the FTA in 2004, the terms of the agreement have been applied on Egyptian exports to EU states excluding some agricultural products, the official clarified.

Meanwhile, the FTA terms had not been applied on imports of the European Union states to Egypt since January 1, 2016.

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