U.S. law to increase working hours as TikTok protection

The Ohio Senate acknowledged a petition to propose a law increasing working hours for teenagers to protect them from TikTok.

In Ohio, students work until 7 P.M. during the winter and until 9 P.M. during the summer.

The recommended law is still in need of an approval from the congress, to change the working hours from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. throughout the year, according to Business Insider.

The law also seeks to monitor the time allowed for teenagers to use social media applications such as TikTok.

Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner, from Virginia presented the law from both parties at the beginning of this month, providing a plan to control foreign technologies, like TikTok.

Teenagers’ mental health comes as a priority to the Senate, especially after many students have been publishing posts talking about the negative impact of social media on mental health.

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