UAE directs treatment to 1,000 Palestinian cancer patients

UAE’s Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan issued a new directive to fly in 1,000 Palestinian cancer patients to get treatment in UAE hospitals, on Saturday.

The new order shelters cancer patients of all ages from the war-torn Gaza Strip — expanding Sheikh Mohamed’s earlier directive of hosting 1,000 sick and injured Palestinian children and their families.

On Saturday, the first batch of children and women from Gaza arrived in Abu Dhabi and were immediately transported to local hospitals.

The initiative comes as part of the UAE’s humanitarian efforts to help ease the suffering of Palestinians caught in the Israeli war on Gaza.

Besides these directives and the shipment of humanitarian aid, the country is also running relief efforts on the ground.

Under its Gallant Knight 3 operations, it is building a field hospital within the Gaza Strip, as well as three desalination plants for Palestinians’ water supply.

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