UK economy could shrink by 30% as coronavirus death toll soars

The British economy could shrink by up to 30 percent this quarter because of the coronavirus lockdown as the soaring death toll gave little hope restrictions would soon be lifted according to Britain’s finance minister.

The number of COVID-19 deaths in hospitals across the United Kingdom has passed 10,000 and a senior scientific adviser to the government has said the country risked becoming the worst-hit in Europe.

The government has had to defend its response to the outbreak, with complaints of insufficient testing, a dearth of protective kit for medics and questions about whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson was too slow to impose a lockdown.

Citing unnamed ministers, the Times reported that Sunak and others were pushing for social distancing measures to be relaxed for the sake of the economy, while others were resisting because of the risk of exacerbating the coronavirus outbreak.

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