US Condemns Terrorist Attack in Egypt’s Sinai

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The United States denounced the terrorist attack against a military target in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, a State Department press release said.

“The United States strongly condemns the terrorist attack that targeted a military checkpoint in the Sinai near al-Arish, and killed tens of Egyptian soldiers and injured dozens,” the release published Friday stated.

The statement extended condolences to the families of the victims and underlined US commitment to Egypt as a strategic partner.

“A prosperous and dynamic Egypt requires an environment of security and stability, and the United States continues to support the Egyptian government’s efforts to counter the threat of terrorism in Egypt as part of our commitment to the strategic partnership between our two countries,” the release concluded.

An attack was carried out earlier on Friday on an army checkpoint in Egypt, which left 30 Egyptian soldiers dead and at least 28 more people injured. The attack has been reported to be one of the deadliest in Sinai.

According to media records, no responsibility for the assault has yet been claimed.

Source: RIA Novosti