US Sanctions On Iran’s Oil To Eliminate Economic Rivals: FM Spokesman

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast says one of the main reasons behind the US sanctions against the Islamic Republic’s oil sector is that Washington aims to eliminate its economic rivals through the bans on Tehran.

“The US seeks to disrupt the economic system of its rivals by imposing sanctions against Iran,” Mehmanparast said while he was in Zagreb, Croatia.

“The countries that intend to have economic growth need Iran to supply energy. The US seeks to eliminate its economic rivals under the pretext of Iran’s nuclear activities,” he added.

The spokesperson noted that Iran’s 500-billion-dollar budget bill for the current fiscal year shows the country’s “good economic capacity” and stated that this is while Tehran is faced with the most economic sanctions, Press TV reported. 

On March 30, US President Barack Obama gave the green light for the previously-announced sanctions against foreign banks and other financial institutions by or through which Iran’s oil is purchased. 

The measures against Iran, a major OPEC member, poses a risk to Obama’s re-election bid in the November presidential race as they could aggravate the issue of the rising gas prices in the US.

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