Visit & Go, a new online travel platform in Egypt

Two travel-lover Egyptians have launched a fresh online travel platform which helps the users accurately plan their travel and next trip, define the  beloved activities via visiting: . The platform enables the traveler or even the resident in any state to discover a lot of trips and enjoy new adventure.

Visit and Go platform eyes linking up tour agencies to travellers around the world in a bid to acquaint them with what they could do at any city worldwide.

The platform was established via private investments of the founders who have recently received some offers from overseas foreign investment funds to provide the first financing for the project.

The launching of the platform contributes to plugging the gap which has caused a crisis to the traveller and tour agencies. Travel-goers annually waste hundreds of hours due to a delay in planning the trips or ill-planning, while travel firms lose hundreds of millions in revenues and profits owing to their inability to reach to tourists, said founder of Visit & Go Website Nabil El Shafeay.

“Visit and go is the only startup in the Middle East to book activities and tours online as we aim to spread the culture of traveling and fun as well as we contribute in increasing the Arabic content about traveling and tourism via a platform uses latest and most secured technologies.” He pointed.

El Shafeay added: “The volume of online tourism services is expected to hit $694 billion worldwide by the end of this year and $817.5 billion by 2020. These revenues mainly focus on hotel bookings and tours, meanwhile tourism activities account for only a small portion of these figures.”

“the social impact of our platform is that we provide an easy tool for travel agencies and activity centers which are small and medium business to spread their work worldwide, those centers could be a small diving center, etc.,” he added.

“At Visit & Go, we believe that the availability of a platform for defining the tours is an enormous investment opportunity for the companies, particularly small- and medium-sized ones, to market their services online,” the website founder said.

The number of travel agencies operating in the Middle East amounts to around 20,000, however, they have an inefficient chance to reach to the travellers, the objective that we seek to achieve through our platform, El Shafeay noted.

The volume of travel and tourism is on the rise, Visit and Go co-founder Abdelhamid El Sayed said, citing the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) 2017 report.

International tourist arrivals grew by a remarkable 7 percent in 2017 to reach a total of 1,322 billion, according to the recent report.

The UNWTO World Tourism Barometer expected the strong momentum to continue in 2018 at a rate of 4 percent – 5 percent. The number of the Middle East’s international arrivals increased by 5 percent to 85 million in 2017, while Egypt was the most recovered destinations over the course of the year.

“Around 60 percent of the Middle East’s 300-million population are able to organise trips and tourism activities. Therefore, our platform targets to provide its services to around 160 million users in the region,” El Sayed said.

As for how to use Visit and Go platform, the co-founder said that the travellers enter the destination, then they select from hundreds of trips that they could experience book the trip or the tour, after that the booking will be immediately confirmed, , the platform also provides a huge portfolio of services such as booking tickets for thousands of  national museums and soon it aims to facilitate online matches ticketing The tours could be reserved a day ahead of the travelling and consists of 1 to 50 travellers.