Vodafone Egypt & ETSIT Launch AVL System

Eng. Atef Helmy, Egyptian Minister of Information and Communication Technology, is witnessing today the launching of Automatic vehicle location (AVL) throughout ‘GPS’ in cooperation with Vodafone Egypt and Tracking Services and Information Technology (ETSIT) company for the first time in Egypt.

AVL system is considered to be one of the most technological breakthroughs which is achieving greater efficiency for the administrative system in Egypt , decreasing car thefts, developing transportation and petroleum sectors.

AVL system allows subscribers to know the places of cars and identify it easily, as well as identify specific ranges for the auto track , follow-up speed  and the rate of fuel consumption and many services.

AVL allows for the greater companies to manage fleet of vehicles by identifying specific car paths, AVL seeks to send signals in case of car existing outside the specific path which will give the company the ability to control such as water, food and petroleum product distribution companies.

AVL system is based on the device which is put on the car including ‘GSM’ Integrated Receiver with ‘GPS’ receiver captures position data from satellites, computers the position of vehicle and sends this information to a central base station, using SMS.

Furthermore, AVL System which uses the GPS , GSM and SMS technologies to enable businesses to keep track of their fleets of vehicles, tractors provided with GPS guidance systems are used for accurate ploughing , harvesting, spraying insecticides and fertilizers on specified areas. Location and tagging of soil samples.