Vodafone Egypt Says 5 Million Subscribers Are on Its Facebook Page

The numbers of Vodafone Egypt’s subscribers reached around 5 million on the social networking website ‘Facebook’.

Facebook’s Vodafone subscribers ranked first in Egypt Ashraf Helal , the Customer Care Director of Vodafone Egypt asserted.

Helal added on the sidelines of the press conference which has held by the company today that the page ranked tenth globally, noting Vodafone provides various services for the users depending on Speed ​​of response and interaction.

Mr. Tarek Nabil, Online Director of Vodafone Egypt said the numbers of internet users across republic reached about 3 billion, pointing that Egypt raked 15 globally as 40 million subscribers for the internet.

Vodafone is the first of all the social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and instagram in Egypt.