Vodafone Internet Services Not Affected By Submarine Cable: CEO

Eng. Hatem Dowidar, Managing Director &the CEO of Vodafone Egypt, has confirmed that the internet services provided by Vodafone have not affected by the interruption of submarine cable of Telecom Egypt ‘TE North’ of this week.

Moreover, Dowidar has emphasized in the press conference which has held by Vodafone yesterday in order to honor its partners in the development of community that the download services on alternative routes allowed for the companies to provide services for the users without affecting, stressing that disruption caused limited effect in the last Friday and did not extend only for a few minutes.

Furthermore, Dowidar has pointed out that the tendency of some banks for providing remittance services via mobile without cooperating with telecom service providers will not affect the functioning of the license that are expected from the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority NTRA, noting that the service won’t achieve any benefits or huge return for the companies but it is a subsidiary services to provide the users’ needs.

Telecom Egypt was announced in a statement last Friday that two cables in maritime( EIG and TE North ) in the Mediterranean have been cut and this affair leads to Internet Troubles and Telecom Egypt has made many alternative routes operations.