Who’s Who in Egypt’s Islamic Supervision Committee for Sukuks

Egypt’s financial regulator has selected 14 Islamic banking scholars to form the Islamic Supervision Committee for Sukuks, head of the Egyptian Islamic Finance Association Mohamed El-Beltagy told Amwal Al Ghad.

El-Beltagy explained that the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) has finalised a draft law to regulate the Shariah-compliant Islamic bonds (sukuks), and will be submitted to the country’s president in the coming period.  The new law will contribute to expand the volume of the Islamic banking transactions in Egypt, he noted.

The Egyptian authorities seek to help to repair the national economy by using Islamic bonds to tap into new sources of domestic and foreign liquidity.

Amwal Al Ghad is publishing in the table below the list of the 14 names entitled to form the Islamic Supervision Committee for Sukuks:


Member’s Name



Dr. Nasr Farid Wasel

Former Egyptian Grand Mufti


Dr. Ali Gomaa

Former Egyptian Grand Mufti


Dr. Saad El-Din Hilaly

Head of the Department of Comparative Jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University


Dr. Youssef Mohamed Qassem

Professor of Islamic Law


Dr. Mohamed El Shahhat El Gendy

Member at Al Azhar Islamic Research Academy


Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hakim Mohamed Zoeir

PHD in Islamic Law, member in a number of Islamic Supervision Committees for Arab banks. He has worked for the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE).


Dr. Mohamed Nabil Ghanayem

Head of the Sharia Board at the United Bank


Dr. Abbas Shoman

Under-secretary of Egyptian Ministry of Endowments and member of Sharia Board at the United Bank


Dr. Ahmed Ali Gharib Al Dorghamy

Head of Central Department of Islamic Funding at Banque Misr


Sheikh Gamal Kotb

Former chairman of Al Azhar Fatwa Committee


Dr. Mohamed El-Beltagy

Head of the Egyptian Islamic Finance Association


Dr. Mohamed Anwar Shalaby

Former Egyptian Grand Mufti


Dr. Sherif Sayed Attia Bayoumi

Head of Investment Department at Banque Misr


Dr. Essam Abdel Hady Ahmed Abou El Nasr

Professor of Accounting at Al Azhar University