Windows Phone Marketplace hits 100,000 apps

Windows Phone Marketplace has reached an important milestone, surpassing 100,000 app submissions from 23,825 different publishers. Microsoft reached this important milestone faster than Google (Android Market / Google Play), but slower than Apple (AppStore). At the moment I’m writing this, some 313 apps are added every day, with 26,493 being added in the last three months alone.

However, it’s important to add that end users don’t see all 100K apps since some of them are country-specific apps whereas some were withdrawn by Microsoft or unpublished by the developer. In total, 88,371 apps are available for download across 60 countries. Country wise, here’s what the users see: US (77,450 apps), UK (72,933), France (69,879), Spain (68,361), Italy (68,180), Germany (69,153), Australia (70,036), Russia (55,052), Brazil (47,453) India (69,771) and China (33,063).according to

The majority of apps are published in English (68,529) while a number of apps are localized into other languages, with German (6,231), French (5,627), Spanish (4401) and Italian (3225) being the most common.

Pretty impressive figures and now we need equally impressive Windows Phone devices to take this to a whole new level