Women Investors’ Head Confirms: Egypt Far From Hunger Revolution

Dr Hoda Yassa, President of Arab Women Investors Union, said the current states of political and security turmoil in Egypt and their impact on the Egyptian economy necessitate the cooperation and togetherness in order to reach a mechanism to resolve the crisis that Egypt facing; point out to what is being disseminating about a “Hunger Revolution” is void.

“We can’t say that Egypt is on the threshold of Hunger Revolution amid the state’s current incidents” said Dr Hoda Yassa; pointing out that Egypt has a lot of promising investment opportunities and many constituents that attract investments.

Many countries around the world are looking for investment opportunities in the Egyptian market, and examining how to utilize the advantages existing in investing in Egypt in addition to the tendency to open new export markets in the Egyptian market, and the low taxes in Egypt in compare to the other countries. All those factories are evidence for the false rumors over “Hunger Revolution”, said Yassa.

Dr Hoda Yassa has called on the Egyptian government to necessarily support and encourage the private sector to invest in Egypt, to provide a transparent climate for investors and not to fight the businessmen in order to stop existing of the Egyptian investments from Egypt; affirming that supporting the Egyptian investor will bring about attracting foreign investments.