World Association for SMEs to Build its MENA Regional HQ in Egypt

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The World Association for Small Medium Enterprises (WASME) will establish its Middle East Regional Office in Cairo, WASME’s newly-named vice president Khaled Nagaty said.

During a press conference held on Wednesday on the occasion of winning the new WASME vice president post, Nagaty announced that the WASME’s board of directors approved to establish their MENA regional office in Cairo. The board has also outlined a new strategy, designated to develop small and medium-sized enterprises, notably in countries that went through political crises, such as Egypt, Nagaty noted.

Furthermore, the Egyptian official said Egypt will host WASME’s Annual Conference in 2015, instead of Kenya. Through the conference, WASME is aiming to play a crucial role in supporting the SME sector in the Middle East and North Africa region against various.

WASME – a global non-governmental organization headquartered at Noida, India – has been spearheading the cause and development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) world over since its inception in 1980. It has emerged, over the years, as one of the most representative, effective and leading international organisations, working towards the promotion of SMEs. The vision behind establishment of WASME was to build a world private community of small business, their supporting and financial institutions as a non-governmental organization, not influenced by any government(s). WASME has members, associates and network partners in different countries across the world. It enjoys consultative/ observer status with concerned agencies in UN system such as ECOSOC, UNCTAD, WIPO, UNIDO, UNICITRAL, UNESCAP, ITC and ILO. It also cooperates actively with several intergovernmental and international organizations such as WCO, OECD, ICSB, APCTT, etc.

Khaled Nagaty is also the chairman of Metropolitan Consulting, the first credit and financial advisory firm in Egypt to present a variety of financial & credit services to both SMEs & Corporate companies in Egypt.