World Bank Finances Fresh Projects With $275 mln in Egypt

The World Bank has recently held a number of seminars and meetings with Egyptian officials in order to transfer its global experience and expertise in various countries that have succeeded in extending the umbrella of health insurance to include the needy people as well as working to activate the social protection initiatives project in Egypt.

The world Bank has agreed with the Egyptian country’s Ministries to start implementing three new projects in health insurance, Education and Social Justice sectors worth $275 million, these projects have been approved by Egypt but it have postponed due to the political and security unrest.

The World bank agreed to start implementing health insurance project in the needy regions for medical services, explaining that the cost of the project up $75 million, said Alaa Hamed, World Bank leader for the project.

Hamed has mentioned the role of CBE which supported a number of health projects within the period from 1996-2005 including Schistosomiasis disease with total cost $ 26 million, and the disease reduced from 35% to 5%.

Hamed said the cost of the Social Protection Initiatives project reached $200 million from the World bank, along with $ 70 million from the European Union (EU), and the bank is currently in talks with EU to send it to Egypt.

he objective of the Social Protection Initiatives Project in Egypt, is to develop integrated programs for children with disabilities and youth at risk. The project will further improve management and administrative skills in the Ministry of Insurance and Social Affairs (MISA), as well as, service delivery practices. The project components will include: 1) support services, for children with disabilities and their families.

Institutional building activities will include social studies on needs assessment, and, monitoring and evaluation will also be conducted; 2) an initiative for youth at risk, which will set service standards and guidelines for a national strategy for vulnerable youth; and, 3) administrative costs for project management will be provided.