Zambia’s ZACCO: new administrative capital reflects Egyptian companies’ strong potentials

The new administrative capital is a testament to the Egyptian construction companies’ strong potentials and determination, said Danny Simumba, general secretary of Zambia Association of Citizen Contractors (ZACCO), on Monday.

Speaking at the Builders of Egypt Forum, Simumba further said that Zambia had already begun signing cooperation protocols with Egypt and Zambia under the African Union’s sponsorship so as to encourage more Egyptian construction and contracting firms to take part in Zambian infrastructure, energy, and transport projects.

Zambia’s recently-formed government is looking to improve the country’s economic conditions by launching new legislative measures to allure more foreign investments, he added.

Under Egypt’s leadership, African countries should explore ways to boost bilateral cooperation, ZACCO noted. This can be done through exchanging thoughts and economic vision between different companies, while strongly joining hands to handle the ongoing global challenges.

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