Arab Contractors to begin works on Halayeb international fishing port project in Feb

Egypt’s leading construction firm, Arab Contractors intends to start works to carry out a global fishing port in the country’s southern borders, Halayeb next February, said Mohammed Taher Head of the company’s Red Sea Branch.

Taher said Sunday that the project is with total cost of 40 million Egyptian pounds (US$5 million).

The Ministry of Transportation and Red Sea Governorate have assigned the Arab contractors to carry out the port project, as part of the government’s plan to develop the city, the AC official said.

Arab Contractors seizes the lion’s share of the government scheme for Halayeb, including housing, educational, and infrastructure projects there.

The project is set to be completed within only one year and half, Taher told Amwal Al Ghad.

The project is one of the development projects to carry out an international fishing port through establishing a logistics area and fish packaging factories to export fish so as to develop the fishing industry in the government and create new jobs opportunities.

Following the independence of Sudan in the 1950s, both Egypt and Sudan have laid claim to the 20,500 square kilometer region south of the Red Sea. Claims to the region have come to international attention on occasion, though the region has effectively been under Egypt’s control.