British tourists surging into Egypt, number to reach 415k year-end

British tourists are surging into Egypt, witnessing a rebound of 30 percent this year, UK ambassador to Cairo Geoffrey Adams said on Wednesday.

The number of British tourists visiting Egypt is expected to reach 415,000 by the end of this year, Adams during a meeting with the Egyptian door-knock mission members in London. A door knock mission, organised by the British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA) and the Egyptian British Business Council, has kicked off on Tuesday to the UK.

Last week, the number of UK flights to Egypt reached 51, the British ambassador added.

The tourism sector is one of the country’s main sources of foreign currency but it has struggled since a 2011 uprising that led the then president to step down.

But positive signs are starting to emerge though, as results of a global Gallup poll in June this year placed Egypt as the 16th safest country in the world out of a total of 135  which is good news for a country trying to improve its image and revive its tourism industry. That result was largely due to the fact that in Egypt, violent crimes like those found in Mexico —such as robberies and muggings — are rare.