16th of March the Egyptian Women’s Day

The Egyptian Women’s Day is celebrated on the 16th of March marking the Egyptian march of women in 1919.

The day witnessed female led demonstrations from all social classes to help fight the British occupation. The day is a reminder of the struggle of Egyptian women for equality.

The Revolution of 1919 highlights the fact that Egyptian independence is in need of the female fight as well as the male fight.

Egyptian Women during the 1919 Revolution

Egyptian feminist Huda Shaarawi describes the day in her memoir as a sunny day where women of all social classes marched and raised placards reading “Down with Oppressors and Tyrants” and “Long Live the Supporter of Justice and Freedom.”

“No sooner we were approaching Zaghlul’s house than the British troops surrounded us. They blocked the streets with machine guns, forcing us to stop along with the students that formed columns on both sides of us,” said Shaarawi.

Women were trapped by British troops for hours in the sun’s heat which harmed and wore them down.

Six women were tragically killed by the British troops for standing up for their rights and independence.

The demonstration inspired women in the country, and caused demonstrations that would last for days.

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