1st hours of registration for coronavirus vaccine seen 7,000 Egyptians signing up: ministry

More than 7,000 citizens have signed up in a matter of hours on the government website that is designated for registration to obtain coronavirus vaccines after the site was officially launched on Saturday evening, Khaled Megahed, the spokesman for the heath ministry, told media.

Egypt is marking the second stage of the inoculation campaign with the beginning of the much-anticipated roll-out of the coronavirus vaccine targeting priority groups.

The first stage, focused on medical staff, was launched on January.

Egypt announced that the website launched by health ministry for people to register to receive the vaccine will be ready as of Sunday. Following registration, the people will receive a text message indicating the time and location for receiving the vaccine.

The optional vaccine shots were offered free of charge for medical personnel while it is set to be offered at a price of EGP200 (around $13) for the general public. The two-dose shot will be offered to the neediest people free of charge, the state stressed.