$ 30 Mln Revenues Of E-Trading In 2016 :Ahmed Sabry

Eng. Ahmed Sabry, CEO of IT Vision Corporation, said it is expected that the volume of e-trading reached $ 30 billion within the next three years, pointing out that the stock market of (buying and selling) via internet grows strongly during this phase.

Moreover, Sabry added in the Digital Marketing Arts conference that the number of internet users globally reached 167 million by the end of 2012 expecting that the number of internet users will reach 192 million by 2016.

He has emphasized that 90% of web shoppers trust the relatives’ opinions on goods and services before buying  it, noting that 80% of the users trust the experts and other users’ opinions about the displayed internet goods.

Furthermore, Sabry has indicated that million e-trading and marketing firms have owned pages for marketing on Facebook for marketing their products, pointing out that there are multiplicity of possible ways to exchange and trade through the internet and social networking.

He has reviewed a number of global firms tests using networking sites so as to market their products and push users for purchase through networking sites and the internet via shop ‘now’, stressing the available information about the users via social networking sites by advertisers and marketers.