37 Algerian Companies Look For New Investment Opportunities in Egypt

Shafiq Boumarav, Vice Chairman of Algerian Economic Club, has stressed the necessity of strengthening the Egyptian Algerian relations amid

He expected that the Algeria n government’s decision of exempting 407 Egyptian commodities from the customs fees will lead to other beneficial steps.

Boumarav has referred that the forum will include holding meetings between 37 Algerian companies and Egyptian counterparts to discuss the mechanisms of the partnership and investment.

Fouad Zagnosh, one of the Algerian investors that participated in the forum, said Egypt comes first for the foreign countries invest in Algeria at total investments of $ 6 billion. This is considered as a message to announce there are not disputes between the two countries.

He mentioned that Algeria is interested in enhancing the Egyptian investments there through finding new opportunities; affirming that the coming step for Algeria is to inject more investments in the Egyptian market in order to utilize all the investment opportunities in all the economic sectors.