50% of monthly pensions for October disbursed: ministry

More than 50 percent of state pensions for the month of October have been disbursed, as per the decision to disburse all bonuses to the public early ahead of the 6 October war victory holiday, the social solidarity ministry said on Friday.

According to the statement by the ministry of social solidarity, a total of 15.17 billion pounds in pension payments were disbursed to the Nasser Social Bank, post offices, and banks across the country on 1 to 3 October.

The statement added that in the same time period 3.7 million pensioners withdrew 5.9 billion pounds of that amount.

Egyptian pensioners usually receive their monthly pensions on three different days: the 5th, 10th or the 20th of each month.

Sunday is a national holiday in Egypt marking the 46th anniversary of the 6 October victory in 1973.

Source: Ahram Online