890 Kuwaiti Firms Operating in Egypt with US$8.1bln Investments – Minister

Industry, Trade and Investment Minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour asserted that the numbers of Kuwaiti firms that operating in the Egyptian market reached up 890 firms with total investments worth US$8.1 billion.

The trade volume between the two countries reached US$2.9billion in the last year, as the Egyptian exports to Kuwait registered around US$278million, Abdel Nour noted.

The Egyptian exports included agricultural, food industrial, Mineral products, equipments and chemical ,medical and furniture  products but the imports are chemical and petroleum products.

This came during the meeting of Abdel Nour with Kuwait Ambassador Salem Ghassab Al-Zamanana so as to review the executive steps for enhancing the economic relations between both countries.

Abdel Nour announced that Cairo will host Kuwaiti-Egyptian delegation in order to discuss the economic cooperation between the two countries by June25 and June26.

Al-Zamanana asserted that Kuwait is ready to support Egypt in the upcoming phase and strengthen the economic and commercial relations along with boosting investments and establishing several projects with Egypt.

Kuwaiti investors called pumping more investments in the Egyptain market by the coming period.