Abu El Enien to Amwal Al Ghad: Sokhna’s Factory Is Not For Sale

Mohamed Abu El Enien – Chairman of Ceramica Cleopatra Group- denied proposing his factory in Ein El Sokhna for sale to Arab and Egyptian investors.

Abu El Enien stated – in exclusive statements to Amwal Al Ghad- during today’s meeting of European Egyptian Business Council, that what have been circulated about selling the factory is totally not true, as he assured not thinking of selling any of his profit-gaining and growing factories, and he clarified that his factories are huge economic entities, as they participate in supporting and strengthening the Egyptian economy.

He also clarified that the Egyptian government needs to be supported by businessmen, in order to face problems of budget deficit, which appear because of the decline in dollar sources, which led the total reserves of foreign currencies to diminish, and then businessmen support becomes very vital factor in the process of getting Egypt out of its current dilemma.

Abu El Enien also mentioned that there are many thoughts of encouraging investments, and providing the appropriate environment for them and the most prominent thoughts are decreasing the exchange rate, as well as making the government committed to the current and previous contracts with investors.

In earlier time, about 3000 worker of Ceramica Cleopatra factory have detained Mohamed Abu El Enien and the Minster of workforce inside the Ministry’s building for about 18 hours, as they were calling for their financial rights, and a percentage of factory’s profits, and for this purposes the workers have used flammable materials, and the threatened with exploding the Ministry’s building, if the officials don’t respond to their demands.

To be mentioned that a website assured the proposal of Mohamed Abu el Enien to sell his factory in Ein El Sokhna to Arab and Egyptian investors, such as the Famous businessman Naguib Sawiris.