Arrangements For NASDAQ’s Initial Listing Application: BIG

Board of Directors of BIG Trade and Investment (BIGP), one the NILEX’s listed companies, decided to apply for initial listing to NASDAQ.

BIG’s Chairman Mansour El Barbary was mandated to open negotiations with one of the companies that are traded in the USA through sponsored ADRs and with one of the US law firms so as to start applying for initial listing to NASDAQ.

The company posted net profits of L.E 447.995 thousand during the fiscal year of 2011, down 13.8%, compared to net profits of L.E 519.852 thousand achieved in 2010.

BIG’s issued capital amounts to L.E 10 million, distributed to 10 million shares in which the par value is L.E 1 a share.

On Monday’s trading, BIG has managed to post gains of 4.99% to close at L.E 3.58 and having volumes traded of 12.601 securities worth L.E 45.104 thousand; while other shares listed in the NILEX incurred losses.

B.I.G. – ElBarbary Investment Group, founded in 2008, is a holding company and global provider of automotive auto parts‚ original equipment manufacturer (OEM)‚ automotive feed products and aftermarket spare parts.