Administrative Court considers the Challenge of “Al Katatni” Round

Supreme Administrative Court in Egypt headed by counselor Madgy El Agaty adjourned till next Sunday the consideration of challenging the people’s assembly elections annulment in Al Menia’s individual second round “Dr. Saad Al Katatni Round”. This is because counselor Abdullah Abou Ezz, the state council chairman, is in Mecca.

The tripartite commission formed by a delegation of the state council, for checking the communiqués of elections results, assured, in its report, that some candidates’ names and votes they got weren’t clear in the report. The commission’s report showed that the total of the written votes the candidates got in the sub-committees are different from the result of the total votes that each candidate got.

The report added that the poll’s arithmetic mistakes don’t affect or change the declared result; even for the candidate who had the right to run off or who hasn’t reached that position.

It was mentioned that Ahmed Hetta and Shehata Khareeb, the independent candidates in Maghagha, Al adwa and Beni Mazar centers in Al Menia, filed challenge against Dr. Mohamed Al Bassel, FJP’s candidate; as the administrative court in Assuit issued a sentence validates the elections in the round.

It was also mentioned that in this round Dr. Saad Al Katatni got his seat of FJP’s lists.


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