ADX Participates In 7th Financial Markets Exhibition And Conference

A delegation from Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) took part in the 7th Financial Markets Exhibition and Conference which held place in Cairo, Egypt.

Mr. Saif Sayah Al Mansouri, head of Listed Companies and head of Media at ADX said of the event:” we always welcome the idea of partaking in such events where we gather and confer with our colleagues and counterparts from around the world.”

Mr. Al Mansouri added that:” Abu Dhabi is a dominant player in the world of money and finance in the region, and as result ADX places great significance on supporting and partaking in such events. We remain fully committed to the business community in the UAE, and we, as a securities exchange have a great understanding of the business sector needs and its rapid growth in the emirate.”

The head of Listed Companies at ADX reiterated:” The 7th Financial Markets Expiation and Conference allows us a distinctive opportunity to profile the Emirate as an investment destination and as a business hub within the Middle East.”

It is noteworthy to say that the ADX booth at the conference attracted many visitors who sought to know more about the initiatives, goals, and the role that ADX plays in the development of the economy of Abu Dhabi, as well as the general strategies of the Abu Dhabi government.