Sisi: Loans, Grants for Services Projects

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President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is seeking to allocate the loans and grants received by the country for services projects.

President Sisi met Wednesday with the Minister of International Cooperation Naglaa Al-Ahwany, Presidential Spokesman Alaa Youssef announced.

During the meeting, the president advised Al-Ahwany to allocate the loans signed by the government- represented in Al-Ahwany’s ministry- for projects that aim to improve the quality of services, notably  in education and health sectors, Youssef said.

Al-Sisi also reviewed the latest updates as regards to the the loan and grants agreements as well as the various projects executed and funded by those loans.

Moreover, Youssef noted that the president has affirmed on the necessity of dedicating more concerns for training programmes of qualifying youths for governmental work.