Alphabet to donate $800mn to fight coronavirus crisis – CEO

Google-parent Alphabet Inc will donate over $800 million in funds towards producing medical supplies to fight COVID-19, and in ad credits to government and health organisations and businesses, its chief executive said on Friday.

The company is working with Magid Glove and Safety to produce 2 million to 3 million face masks, and will financially support efforts to boost the production capacity for lifesaving medical devices and personal protective equipment, Sundar Pichai further added.

The rapid outbreak, which has killed nearly 25,000 people globally, has strained healthcare systems around the world and led to a shortage of medical equipment including face masks and ventilators, according to Reuters.

The company will provide $340 million in Google ad credits to small and medium businesses active on its platform and $250 million in ad grants for the World Health Organization and many government agencies, Pichai said in a blog post.