ALZWAD cooperating with Ximoxi to revolutionize the world of mobile applications in Egypt

Ziad Ali, Head of ALZWAD for Economic Development in a recent interview, announced that Ramzi Alharayeri was selected to fill in the position of President of ALZWAD for Mobile Services.

 Ziad has said that “Alharayeri with his extensive experience in the field of wireless communications will be a boost to ALZWAD to make a leap in the world of mobile applications and value added services in the local and regional markets.” He added: “Egypt has more than 70 million mobile users and we are nearing the stage of market saturation giving ALZWAD the chance to focus more enabling premium content on mobile and increasing users comfort to mobility services, which constitute the essence of value-added services, the winner horse in the upcoming phase.”

 Ramzi Alharayeri has more than 25 years of experience in the development of wireless technology and mobile, the founder and CEO of XimoXi, a silicon valley based company that innovated and patented the ability to search for members of social networks by phone.

 “I’m delighted to join ALZWAD where there is great hope and promising opportunities in the telecommunications sector and information technology sector which can make Egypt a global center in the Arab region.” Alharayeri added: “The investments in this area would be a boost to the Egyptian economy through providing opportunities for the eager young Egyptian minds that possess new ideas in need for guidance and care.”

 Alharayeri has held several positions before founding Ximoxi where he served as CEO and founder of wi2wi which was the first SiP (System in Package) company to innovate multi wireless technologies in a chip. Before Wi2Wi, Mr. Alharayeri was the GM of the wireless Division and VP of Sales for Actiontec. During his tenure at Actiontec, Ramzi led the team that introduced to the PC industry the first built-in modem in 1997, the first WiFi device in the industry in 2000 and the first PC Bluetooth device in 2003. Prior to Actiontec, Mr. Alharayeri held several management positions at AMD, Logitech, SCI and Apple

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