Amwal Al Ghad Magazine congratulates President Sisi on new office term

Amwal Al Ghad Magazine, the economic media arm of the United Media Services Group (UMS), congratulates Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on taking the constitutional oath for a new six-year term to continue the building of the new republic and realise the Egyptian people’s aspirations of prosperity and advancement.

President Sisi took the official constitutional oath in the New Administrative Capital on Tuesday, beginning his third presidential term. The ceremony was attended by high-ranking governmental officials and members of parliament.

Dina Abdel Fattah, the esteemed Editor-in-Chief of Amwal Al-Ghad Magazine, extended her heartfelt congratulations to President Sisi as he begins a new presidential term, during which he is poised to steer the country towards greater progress.

She emphasised that throughout the last ten years, President Sisi has devoted extraordinary attention to all economic sectors in order to achieve progress, with a particular focus on ensuring the country’s national security in the face of a difficult regional and international environment.

Abdel Fattah stressed that President Sisi’s speech on Tuesday crystallised the agenda for the new presidential term, which includes developing strategic plans to boost the country’s economic resources and support the economy’s resilience while achieving balanced and sustained economic growth by fostering the private sector’s role as a key partner in economic development.

In his address to the nation on Tuesday, President Sisi emphasised the government’s backing for agriculture, industry, information technology, and tourism sectors as key drivers of development. He committed to enhance agricultural land acreage and production in order to achieve food security and attract both domestic and international investment, which would generate jobs. He further stressed that the state prioritises local manufacturing to increase exports and foreign exchange resources.

Amwal Al-Ghad wishes to underline that the president’s inauguration symbolises the beginning of a new republic that will adopt a different approach to administrative and political activity in the coming years.

According to Article 144 of the Egyptian Constitution, the President takes the following oath before taking office: “I swear by The Almighty God to loyally uphold the republican system, respect the Constitution and the Law, fully uphold the interests of the People and to safeguard the independence of the nation and the integrity and safety of its territories”.

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