Amazon introduces first Rivian EV in Germany

Amazon is rolling out its first European vans from electric vehicle (EV) maker, Rivian, in Germany during the upcoming weeks, according to the e-commerce giant on Tuesday.

The rollout is part of Amazon’s long-term plans to electrify its transportation network, with 300 electric vans hitting the roads in Munich, Berlin, and Düsseldorf, which are among its 100,000-vehicle order from Rivian in 2019.

Amazon and Rivian will be using customised vans, which are designed to be shorter and thinner than their U.S. counterparts, to better fit the streets in European cities.

Amazon has also committed over $1.1 billion to electrifying its fleet in Europe, with $442 million dedicated to Germany.

Amazon started its Rivian electric van rollout in the U.S. in 2022, with the number of EVs reaching 3,000 vans delivering packages in 500 U.S. cities and regions. Amazon has set a target of having 100,000 Rivian vehicles in its global fleet by 2030.

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