Apple creates future smart ring as health inspector

The United States Patent and Trademark Office on Wednesday officially granted that Apple created a future smart ring . This ring is like a health inspector. It is going to sense the user’s physiological conditions, such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure.

In some versions, the ring can be equipped with an OLED screen supported by indicator lights. The ring may become a health device instead of Apple Watch. Apple describes the ring as possibly providing input structures such as keys, buttons, touchscreen inputs and audio inputs.

Moreover, the ring may retain inputs observed by force and/or touch, whether it is fixed, movements, speed, or direction force, displacement or other gestures applicable to entry areas. It also Includes heavy blows and multi-fingered inputs and touch. These user’s inputs can be used to control or modify the operation of the ring.

Reports showed that a self-mixing interferometry sensor in the ring connects to a catalyst placed inside the enclosure and is configured to emit a coherent light towards the user’s skin when the user wears the ring.

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