Aqarmap launches Expo 2020 Events to boost virtual real estate marketing during Black Friday

Aqarmap platform, the leading search engine in the field of real estate marketing, announced the organisation of its 5 virtual exhibition “Aqarmap Expo 2020” coinciding with the events of Black Friday.

The event is considered the first virtual real estate marketing exhibition in Egypt that includes a distinguished array of real estate developers along with unique and outstanding residential projects.

In addition, the event aims to maximize the benefit from the change in consumer behavior patterns, which according to current studies of the behaviors of using digital tools regarding the demand for real estate purchases, has shifted to digital platforms at an unprecedented rate.

It is expected that Aqarmap Expo 2020 will contribute to keeping pace with the successive developments in the new real estate marketing concepts that adequate with the radical changes after the global pandemic events resulting from the spread of the new Coronavirus “Covid-19”.

The event also looks forward to consolidating the new digital concepts in the field of real estate marketing, while working on raising awareness among customers and developers on the importance of shifting to using digital platforms in sales of units of various uses, whether it is residential, business or administrative.

“We are aware of the importance of our role in monitoring the requirements and needs of customers and developers, and the distinguished work we have to conduct to meet these requirements, based on the latest findings of modern digital technologies, especially after the global pandemic resulting from the spread of Covid-19’’,  Emad Al-msaodi, CEO of Aqarmap

Although the real estate demand decreased by 10 percent during last October compared to the same period of the previous year, Aqarmap indicators still show monthly growth rates exceeding 10 percent, he added.

He pointed out that Aqarmap Expo 2020 will have many motivators, the most important of which is the stability of prices of presented residential units, with a large number of developers intending to extend the period of paying the financial value, as well as reducing the values of advance payments in the case of contracting residential units.

It is worth noting that statistics issued by the Aqarmap platform have shown that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United States of America and Canada head the list of the most countries searching for real estate in Egypt, he noted.