Saudi Arabia to Send Oil Aids With $ 400 mln to Egypt Next October

Saudi Arab is preparing to send large amount of fuel to Egypt Worth $ 400 million, and the prices will comply with the average world prices within next October.

Eng. Tariq Al Mulla, CEO of the Egyptian General Authority for Petroleum, said Saudi will send two shipments of diesel fuel and shipment of gasoline, weigh up shipment of fuel per 35 thousand tons, and about 45 thousand tons of butane.

It is worth mentioning that Saudi agreed in last June to provide aids to Egypt valued at $ 5 billion , including $2 billion cash deposit for the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) and another $ 2 billion for oil products, in addition 1$ billion Cash for gas and oil.

Al-Mulla said , Saudi has agreed to send oil aids which it decided through the monthly aid programs which started in the Last August and will be finalized in the coming December 2013.