حفلة 2024

Booking.com stops dealing in Egyptian pounds

The online booking site Booking.com has announced that starting from tomorrow the dealing and booking will be stopped in Egyptian pounds to deal in dollars only from inside or outside Egypt.

This announcement means that users will no longer be able to use the Egyptian currency in paying for their bookings.

This step is not only related to the Egyptian destination, but it happens with all countries where the exchange rate differs rapidly comparing to other international currencies.

In case any customer cancels a hotel reservation that was originally booked through external sites, the amount due to Egyptian customers is not sent, according to a member of the Chamber of Tourism Companies.

The member added that his harms the Egyptian economy especially that these sites did not pay any taxes and also did not send the dues to Egypt.

He demanded to prevent dealing with Booking.com and other sites, as Turkey did before besides any sites like it in order to preserve the Egyptian economy.

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