Canada’s green Christmas due to El Nino – head climatologist

Instead of a white Christmas, Canadians are facing a green one this year, as the country has seen very little snowfall in December due to El Nino phenomenon, according to Canada’s chief climatologist, David Phillips.

El Nino, a periodic weather pattern that often results in warmer weather across a large part of North America, contributes to the unusual weather patterns we’re seeing. Phillips said that this year, El Nino started earlier and more intensely than usual.

Phillips said that a strong El Nino pattern this fall, following an already unusually warm spring and summer, leads to a green Yule, as the snow doesn’t get a chance to fall, and even when it does, it melts.

All these events are happening against the backdrop of a changing climate, which led to the summer of 2023 being the hottest ever recorded worldwide.

“What you’re seeing now this winter is really a sneak preview of what will be normal in decades from now,” Phillips added. “Global warming, you can see it happen. It’s worrying.”  he added.

Anthony Farnell, the chief meteorologist at Global News, has reported that December has been unusually warm across Canada. He predicts that this mild weather pattern will persist throughout the holiday season, affecting all regions from the east to the west coast.

Farnell also mentioned that there are no predictions for significant snowfall or storms in the upcoming week.

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