Cancelling Le Marché fair is ‘drastic’ losses for 250 Egyptian furniture firms: official

The decision of cancelling Le Marché exhibition is ‘100 percent wrong’ and will have negative impacts on Egyptian furniture industry, an official in the Egyptian chamber said Tuesday.

Abdel Halim El Eraqy, Vice-chairman of Chamber of Wood Working and Furniture Industries (CWWFI) at Federation of Egyptian Industries, told Amwal Al Ghad Tuesday that the decision would cost participant companies a ‘drastic’ losses.

‘Around 250 firms were supposed to take part in Le Marché exhibition’ , the official added, clarifying that these firms seize half of the market share of the Egyptian furniture sector.

On Tuesday, Egyptian security forces notified Le Marché organiser with the cancellation of the exhibition although officials said it will be held timely earlier on Monday.

Le Marché exhibition was planned to be held at the Cairo International Fair Grounds on Thursday, December 22, 2016.