Chairman Of American Chamber Supports Amr Mousa

Gamal Moharam – Chairman of the American Chamber in Egypt- announced his support towards Mr. Amr Mousa in the upcoming presidential elections to be Egypt’s President.

Moharam added on Monday amid the attendance of chamber’s members, that supporting Mousa in the elections; is a result of his wise approach of managing the foreign Egyptian affairs, when he served as the “Minister of Foreign Affairs”, as well as of his policy in dealing with the international problems, when he was the General Secretary of Arab Bureau. Hence, Moharam explained that these reasons should make Mousa qualified to govern Egypt during the upcoming phase.

To be mentioned that Mr. Amr Mousa has officially presented his papers of candidacy for presidential elections to the official party, as his candidacy is representing the first independent one in the race to the presidential position, and that’s why some parties declared supporting him in the elections

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